On this day in 1971 my parents welcomed me into the world. From that day on the world has never been the same. Am I arrogant and think the world revolves around me? Nope. But I do know that when God created me – there would never be another one created just like me – EVER.  It’s that simple.   The question now is what have I done with that God-given uniqueness? What will my existence mean to the world in which I live? I’m still trying to figure that one out. But for now here’s a brief re-cap of how we celebrated last week.

I chose to celebrate the beginning of my 41st year of life with one of my closest friends who also reached that milemarker in February. Shout out to Monica (“I’m not going to let you mess with my pretty”)!  When planning the festivities we both realized that we didn’t want just a gathering at the club or a “banquet”. Instead, we wanted something unique, intimate, and memorable for 40 of our closest family and friends.  So on Saturday 2.19.11 the festivities began with an outing at the Zodiac Club in Memphis, TN. In true diva style, Monica made sure we had over the top transportation to the venue for the ladies.  The limo ride to the club was as exciting as the event itself.  That probably explains why we went through approximately 4 bottles of wine in less than an hour.

At the club, we soon realized that at midnight THE FREAKS COME OUT.  Little narrow ass girls with no clothes on began falling through the door like roaches scattering when you turn the lights on.  The venue itself was cool and the crowd was decent. We were just tripping off of the little skanks who found themselves in the midst of a group of grown folks. Afterall, we were all 39 and over. Why didn’t they have their young tales in the bed somewhere? Oh wait, they were going to do that AFTER the club. LOL

The night didn’t end at the Zodiac. The conversations we had in the parking lot from the front door to our vehicles soon made me realize that i.was.drunk.as.hayle.  I wasn’t worried because I wasn’t driving. Also, a little birdie once told me that if you ever had to drive on the interstate while slightly inebriated (and for the record there is no such thing as slightly drunk) be sure to use the cruise control. That’s the easiest way to remain under the radar because you aren’t slamming on breaks and the gas pedal trying to find the balance.  Only a seasoned pro would know to tell me something like that.  He shall remain anonymous for the sake of this post. LOL.

Side note for all who wish to partake of the “spirits” to celebrate any occasion:  DRINK PLENTY OF WATER. Taking shots off the table and downing bottles of wine topped by hot wings and fries will only end with you sitting in the parking lot of the Embassy Suites on Poplar hurling and praying for Jesus to come again. My bad, that was my story and not necessarily your experience. LOL.

All in all we had a fabulous dinner party on Sunday at Fleming’s. I can’t wait to see the pictures!  CHEESE!

Now in line with every other woman who ever has a need to celebrate anything- I’m off to the mall.