Seriously? Yes, seriously. This morning while preparing breakfast I noticed one of those lovely door hangers that people put on your front door or mailbox to advertise their services on my counter. This is what I saw:

My 13yr old son, whom I had a conversation with on yesterday about not listening to a particular rap artist named “Dope Boy” was standing next to me. So of course he asked, “Does that mean weed as in grass on the ground or weed that you smoke?”  *insert long mofo sigh before responding*  You see he didn’t read the entire advertisement. He only saw the header in big bold fancy smancy letters that stated: WEED MAN.  Looking at it again it now gives me the impression of a Jamaican blunt man type of font. Just WRONG!

Now I may be wrong but the first thing that ran across my mind was the idea that this business is more than likely Bae-Bae ‘nem getting their hustle on. But then I read further. “Weed Man has become the 2nd largest lawn care company in all of North America.” Say what?  Marketing at its best. 

As a parent I’m still a bit irritated by the fact that there is an obvious play on words in this marketing campaign that immediately took me to a negative place.  Could it be a result of my own past experiences with said “weed man”? Not likely. I don’t dabble and never have.  The image of the weed man as my lawn guy just didn’t sit well with me for some reason and I can’t really articulate why at this moment.

I may be back with another post after I contact said “weed man” and have him to come out to provide an estimate for our lawn services because we surely need them.

In the words of one of my cyberbuddies who chatted with me briefly about this subject:  “Wow.  I guess TruGreen Chemlawn and Lawn Doctor should watch their business, huh?  Cuz the Weed Man cometh?” In reality, this could be one of their “urban” marketing tactics for one of their subsidiaries.  Interesting.