I’ve calmed down quite a bit but feeling a bit antsy about having my locs for a lifetime.  I think for now my goal will be to just keep them until they are shoulder length and then decide what the heck to do.

It is very apparent that I need to return to the latching method because twisting/palmrolling is for the birds.  It requires you to remember which direction you twist/roll each time. Again, for the birds.  So next week when I wash and refresh my hair I’ll pull out one of  those little latching tools.  I’ve had one of them for a couple of years. I believe I held on to it since my last full set of locs in 2005. Deep down I must have known that I’d be back.  This is what my hair looked like right before cutting in December 2005:

And this is where we are now:

(a whacky shot of my nappy hair) LOL

It is going to be a long journey.  But I’m in for the ride.

S/N- I have been with my current organization since September (approx 6 months). The first time they saw me in August I had a curly/kinky twist out.  Then shortly after starting I was there with a mohawk/frohawk. LOL.  Now I’m sporting curly locs.  I’ll be back to post their reactions after the 18th.