1. …everything you thought to be true, turns out to be false?
  2. …the people you thought you could trust turn out to be totally unreliable and not trustworthy?
  3. …you find yourself slipping into that abyss that you swore you would never enter?
  4. …you find yourself giving more and more and others around you are eating you alive like sharks?
  5. …your sanctuary becomes your tomb?
  6. …people show you who they are but you don’t believe it until it smacks you dead in the face?
  7. …when you see a friend hurting and you desperately want to help or guide them but can’t?
  8. …faced with a hurdle you can’t seem to get a leg up and/or over it?
  9. …something happens that causes you to question your salvation?
  10. …you ask yourself – “Did I really do that shit?”