I haven’t been home in what seems like months.  My blog home that is.  Since my last visit here we’ve started the process of building a home – from the ground up.  How else do you build homes? Why in the hell do people say build a house from the ground up?  I mean, damn, can we build it from the roof down just once? #ijs.

Anyhoot, all goes well, we will be moving into this new joint by September 1, 2011.  Our contract stipulated a close date on or before August 31, 2011.  I went by the lot today.  Lot #48 is our spot on the block. We now have a foundation laid. Let’s see if they can put the walls up without them leaning. 😐

Our experience so far- flawless. Oh there was that one nagging thing when the builder’s project manager could never spell REFRIGERATOR correctly.  I corrected it on every document she emailed me and if additional things needed to be added she would send it back with it spelled wrong AGAIN.  Bitchspellcheck!  Sorry, forgot my Jesus boots for a moment.  So again, other than her being a bit nutz, it’s been flawless.  The devil will be in the details.