There are times when I find myself editing my comments (verbal and online) because I don’t want to come across as bragging or being that person to say “Yea, I did that too…”.  But you know what I recently realized that I shouldn’t have to worry about crap like that because at the end of the day – I’m blessed.

Now I am careful to not throw things in folks face if I am aware that they are going through a rough spot in their lives. I always try to encourage them to push through.  Been there myself.  On the flip side of that – just because I may be experiencing sunny days in one area of my life- other parts may be jacked to hell.  I’m just saying – don’t judge me.  Each of us has to walk this walk independent of another.  This is my journey. That’s yours.  Walk it out.

I am no fool.  I do know that some folks will just be….what’s the word I’m looking for? Oh yeah, haters. And to you-get yo’ own.  Don’t hate.  If God blessed me (and my household) – He can do the same for you.  Now unless you want some of the debt that comes along with some of this material stuff – put your lips in and work it out for yourself. If you keep coming at me my words may not be as nice the next time around.  Also, stop asking questions either directly or indirectly about how we did what we did.  Get your own.  God did it. He can do it again.

I started this post wanting to just simply say………”I’m not bragging but I’m blessed, biotch!”  But I quickly realized that sentiment wouldn’t necessarily be one that I could put on the list as a response to WWJD.  Don’t judge me.  LOL (But you get my point).

So to my brothers and sisters in this thing called life (if you’re reading this then you’re still alive and I’m talking to you dammit) – know that it’s okay to be blessed and to enjoy God’s blessings.  Remember, He ain’t through with me yet. So don’t hate on my next level.

I’m not bragging…………I’m blessed (bio#@$!)