Remember that phrase from elementary and middle school – and maybe even high school days? It was often heard when a boyfriend/girlfriend break-up was taking place.  “I quit you.”  I don’t recall ever being “quit”. I’m not saying that I was all that and never dumped – maybe cheated on – but not out right dumped.  LMAO!  Yes, numbnutz, there is a slight difference.  End result is the same, but there is a difference.

So I brought that up to say this:  “I QUIT YOU!” to some of the flucking (yes, flucking) foolishness I’ve seen on facebook lately.

Sometimes this phrase, I QUIT YOU, is used in social networking circles when somebody does/says something that was just crazy or funny.  In my case, I’m saying it because I’m sick of folks getting their panties in a knot about shit they see on social networking sites -in particular FACEBOOK. Like for real, is that all you have to base your happiness on? Is your total being and satisfaction with your life based on what you hear/see in social networking circles?  If so……………..I QUIT YOU!  GYASWASD

Most recently I quit one of my favorite social networking sites. Yes, I quit it. I asked for my profile to be deleted and I haven’t looked back.  (I really haven’t) Why did I quit it?  LOL. You’d love to know- especially if you were a part of that site, but I won’t share it in this forum.  Another day- another round of drinks and maybe I’ll discuss it in more detail.  But anyway, I left/quit it.  I knew going in that it was a social networking site of sorts. So I wasn’t confused or upset with some of the drama that I experienced both in my face and behind my back.  That shit happens in real life so why would I think it wouldn’t take place when a mofo can hide behind an alias and a keyboard?  LOL.  I’m not that crazy.  In the end I just decided to not keep that as part of my life any more and moved on.  *giggle*  I got my own panties out of a knot……..and moved on.

If your toes are hurting right about now because I’ve said or done something that upset you in one of these CYBER non-realities………..I QUIT YOU.

If you actually think that what you see/read/hear about me doing in one of these CYBER non-realities is my reality………….I QUIT YOU.

If you are sitting on the sidelines sending people to heaven or hell because of what you see in one of these CYBER non-realities….I REALLY QUIT YOU and your Jesus too for that matter.

If you are turning your nose up and trying to convince yourself that I’m the nut…………you may be right but I QUIT YOU,  because Boo, this too is a CYBER non-reality.  GYASWASD.  *giggle*

I’m quitting so many folks/things right about now because I don’t have the room/space/bandwidth to allow such foolishness in my REAL WORLD right now.  So there you have it.


where’s my dogone drink?