The Help

 For weeks I’ve been reading posts in cyberspace regarding how great the movie was and that it was a true depiction of the book – set to the big screen. Insert long sigh right here.

Maybe it was the fact that my coming attractions scenes were overlaid with the woman next to me chatting up a storm about her recent divorce after almost 20 years of marriage, her therapist advising her how to move forward, her depression resulting from her inability to move forward after 2 years, or her conversation with her daughter instructing her that she “better not let THAT WOMAN see her grandkids before she does” after the birth. Insert an annoyed as hell sigh right here.   I just wasn’t wowed or moved as much as my friends and co-workers who saw it before I did.

So the movie finally started and just like the book, it was thorough and moved a bit slow, almost too damn slow if you ask me. Stop right here. 

To all of the movie producers, directors, and screen writers – yea, the likes of you, NO MOVIE SHOULD LAST LONGER THAN 90 MINUTES UNLESS IT IS A RE-MAKE OF “THE PASSION OF CHRIST”.   

Now, back to my story.  For the most part I enjoyed the movie.  There was more laughter than I expected.  I was really tickled at how stiff and nervous my movie neighbor appeared once the movie started.  It was as if she was waiting on me to start throwing fruit at all of the white people in the theater – until we all laughed at the same time. The only part that ALMOST jerked a tear from my eyes was Mrs. Foote’s burial scene in the garden.  Other than that, maybe it was the lack of a good soundtrack to accompany the scenes that made it less than stellar for me.  I just expected the movie to be more dramatic than the book.  At this point, I’m only on chapter 11-ish in the book, and it has been more moving that the screenplay.

Did they deliver an accurate depiction of the book? I would say yes. Did I get a real sense of what it was really like to be a maid in those days? Only in a few instances – but the most memorable one was when all of the maids came together to offer their stories for the book.  The fact that they left out the story about Mae Mobley using Abby’s toilet bothered me for some reason especially when it seems that there was more attention given to the toilets in ole girl’s front yard. So much could have been done to make the movie more edgy without initiating riots. (We know how ignant folks can get at the movies. Don’t trip. o_O). It left me feeling kind of like a milk dud.  Not really a good piece of chocolate and a bit too chewy – but just enough to satisfy a craving and annoying as hell because you can’t get it off of your teeth (mind).

Anyhoot, my husband asked me if I would see it again and my response was a quick “Nope”.  I went solo the first time and definitely wouldn’t want to sit through 2 hours of it again.