Well, it’s 1:47am on Christmas Day.  Why am I up? Several reasons, but mostly because I’m in bed next to someone who is playing with their new toy. My husband is logging onto his Playstation network account so that he can play his new PS3. o_O.  Back up about 2 hours and I was kept up by the kid who was waiting on the clock to strike midnight so that he could open his gifts. He didn’t make it. At 11:59pm he was standing next to me asking for permission to open “his stuff”. LOL

Here we are 2 hours into the most highly anticipated holiday of the year- Christmas, and like every other parent who is playing “Santa” or up playing video games we’re glad all of the waiting is over.  Now that the gifts are opened and the kid is knocked out upstairs I sat still for one moment (mainly because I can’t sleep) and realized that we are truly blessed.

There are millions of families who are going without the bare necessities right now on Christmas Day and here we are with more than enough.  I can’t help but to say “Thank You Jesus”.  I am not thankful just for the stuff but because my needs are met and even most of my desires. That in and of itself is enough to run a lap around the block with praise.

My thoughts and prayers go out to those who are out there and experiencing lack in one area or another in their lives. I pray that our Savior, whose birth we celebrate today, becomes your source in that very area.

In the months to come, I am expecting an overflow and claiming it for everybody who has a prayer up before the Lord.  One person in particular that I have lifted in prayer is someone I have known his entire life. I’m not sure what has been blocking the release in his life over the past 3 years but I declare that thing moved and the floodgates to open and restoration to take place. In Jesus’ name.

I’m thankful for the increase that God has allowed my family to experience in many shapes and forms – both spiritually and in the physical. I thank Him for blessing my husband to take his rightful place as the head and for binding that “takeover” spirit in me over the past 5 weeks.  I’ve said it before. Just like in plumbing, when the pipes are aligned things can flow without extra pressure on our behalf. No need for plungers when your drains aren’t clogged and the pipes are aligned.  You’ll catch that one on your way home. LOL

Now I see that somebody has turned the lights off on me (SMH) and is trying to sleep so I guess I’ll wrap this birthday wish/ thank you card up for now.  (Note: I really know he’s only doing so because the game is uploading and will take 30 minutes…LOL).

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Happy Birthday Jesus.