I haven’t been over here in a hot second so let’s catch up with my dreams. LOL.  As of today -drum roll………..

people in my family are pregnant!

Talk about bundles and overflow. WHEW!  We haven’t had a baby born in our family in a couple of years (about 4 or 5). So to go from zero to seven in less than 3 weeks proves that we’re still growing and there’s work for us to do!  LOL


In other news, last week one of our classmates and a close family friend, passed.  The death was sudden and of course unexpected and took place in front of his wife. Stories flew as the news spread about his death. There was speculation of this and of that. In the end, none of that mattered because a wife lost a husband and several kids lost their father.  I found myself, along with some others, standing in judgement about his life and why he wasn’t in a better situation than he was in when he left this earth.  Then I was convicted. I realized that it didn’t matter if he owned houses and land. The question to ask is, “Did he fulfill his pre-ordained purpose?”

Yeah. Ummm hmmm. It hit me right there – at home.  That’s not for me to decide. That is between him and God. I do know, that when someone dies people immediately begin to take a look at that individual’s life and try to make determinations regarding their success or failure while on this side. Think about it.  When somebody dies what’s the first question that pops into your head? Followed by how they died is whether or not they had insurance or will leave an inheritance to their family members.  In the words of Kirk Franklin & The Family, “I’d Rather Have Jesus than  Silver & Gold”  In the end, that’s all that is going to matter. Checkmate!

The one thing that kept coming up as I watched the social media posts about this person is his enthusiasm for Christ. No matter what he may have been going through financially, physically, or emotionally he was always excited about Christ and winning *1Mo4Jesus*  I’ve discovered that was one of his mantras, 1Mo4Jesus.  Talk about a man on a mission and with an understanding of his purpose- that would be him.

The way I see it, his family may not have been in the best financial situation when he passed but it is with much certainty that at some point each of them fell into his collection bucket of *1M4o4Jesus*  You do know that your ministry should begin at home then go into the street.  Whether you remember his Teddy Bear smile, his sense of wit and humor, or his love for clothing you can’t help but to also remember that his mission, his purpose in life was to win *1Mo4Jesus*

Rest in peace dear brother. Rest.


So now the question to ask is what will we do to make sure that the SEVEN are also in the bucket of *1Mo4Jesus*?  They too have a pre-ordained purpose. It’s our obligation to make sure that they have the tools necessary to achieve it. The first thing they need is……you guessed it – Jesus.

Peace out.