Yesterday when I retrieved the mail there was an envelope in the stack which immediately stood out.  It was cute and quaint with a butterfly and floral theme all over it.  I opened it and pulled out a note card which repeated the butterfly and floral theme. I opened the card and to my surprise there was a gift inside. It wasn’t a gift card to Macy’s, a picture of a family member, or a winning lottery ticket.  Instead there was something more valuable than any of those things.  It was a handwritten note from my aunt.

In this age of technology with instant messaging, text messages, Facebook and twitter she could have just as easily sent a message without going through the extra steps of penning an actual letter.  I truly appreciate the effort and the fact that she took the time to send a personal note expressing her regrets for not being able to attend our housewarming next month.  That in and of itself is a gift because her card will go in our treasure box as a piece of our family history.

Think about it. When was the last time you actually WROTE A LETTER?  I am not talking about creating a “note” on Facebook, or even in my case creating a blog post and hitting PUBLISH for the world to view.  I can’t recall the last time I actually put pen to paper and sent my thoughts and feelings to another human being. Those nasty “I’m pissed off at you, get your shit straight, leave me alone because I want to be selfish” letters that angry wives leave on the dresser for their husbands don’t count.  So you can also scratch that off of your list (just like I did).

Her letter not only was her true personal regrets expressed on paper but it was also a reminder of my grandmother. Her penmanship was almost identical to her mother’s, my late grandmother. That is probably what struck me the most and now I will forever have that piece of my aunt in my possession. I am planning to scan it to the laptop tomorrow 🙂

So with that I have an idea for our housewarming party next month.  I want each of our family members present to write a personal note to one member of our household and one to one other family member in attendance. They don’t have to be a long drawn out soliloquy (LOL) but a line – shoot, two words will do as long as it’s not a text message, email, IM, or Facebook post.  Why am I doing this? We need to do a better job of communicating with each other and staying connected in spite of the technology which makes it possible.  You see a handwritten note from one person to another is a way for a person to share on more intimate level their thoughts directly with one individual – not with all of cyberspace.

I’m looking forward to staying connected.


A diva who has a soft side.