Yeah- it’s happening again.

I keep having dreams about dead people and babies. Well again I’ve had two dreams about deceased individuals (paternal grandmother and one unknown woman). In both cases the bodies moved. In the latter- she actually got out of the casket and danced. o_0 WHAT.THE.HELL?

The last time I had dreams about dead people I also had dreams about babies – either at the same time or within a few days of each other. In the dream where my paternal grandmother appeared, one of my mother’s cousins walked up to me and told me I was pregnant – she said that I was carrying a girl.  In another dream Mike and I were shopping for furniture and ended up with bundles of fish and we kept going back for more. Shortly thereafter, several family members announced that at least 7 babies were being born in 2012.

Well…..who’s pregnant?  I know of two people….who else?

Now on to Write it Down Make It Happen.  All I have to say is read the book. I’m too full right now to get into it. But I will say- “Let Go & Let God” and read the book.